Directors Lab

Actors Schedule

Acting Class Outline

The class will comprise of techniques used by the American masters: Lee Strasberg, Stella Adler and Sandy Meisner. All classes will begin with relaxation and work on the senses through group exercises. Time permitting, we will show actors audition reels and discuss them.

Day 1

-  Start with an orientation, definition of good acting, introduction of the class to one another

- Discuss the Method and tracing its beginnings through Russia to the United States

- Handing out of scenes for those who do not have them and casting

- Reading of scenes and discussion of what to work for

- Show a piece of On the Waterfront, breakdown of script

Day 2

- Sensory work

- Work on open scenes (these are scenes where actors make up the circumstances of the given words)

Day 3

- Showing of scenes

- Feedback from fellow classmates

- A wrap up which will include particular problems of actors presently working on professional projects